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Ayuvedic Specialized Treatment for Kidney here


Hypertensive Kidney Failure Cured


Hypertensive Kidney Failure- Taking treatment since 2012- Creatinine 1.3 mg/dl, Urea- 37 mg/dl. I was on antihypertensive drugs & I was taking my treatment from PGI Chandigarh. My Creatinine rise to 4.2 mg/dl, and then I came in contact with Dr. Aggarwal through internet. I was very convinced with his treatment and started his medicine. Within three months my Creatinine levels came down to 1.7. Now, I am 100% fine, living my life generously and taking regular consultation and required medicine.


Glomerulonephritis with high creatinine
controlled without steroids

Major Amal

I am 36 yrs old. I was diagnosed With Chronic Kidney Disease in Aug 2013. Since then I tried many Allopathic treatments & Alternative treatments like Baba Ramdev but of no use. My Creatinine levels slowly and steadily rose to 5.8mg/dl. Also, I had proteins present in my Urine Report. I started treatment with Dr. Aggarwal on my friend’s reference, with his medicine which started in January 2014. Now I am 100% fit and doing my duties at army. My Creatinine levels fluctuate between 1.5 to 1.7 mg/dl. Dr. Aggarwal saved my life & job.


Diabetic Nephropathy cured


I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in Dec 2013. I was suffering from high BP & Diabetes since 20 years & suddenly I was informed by doctors at Manipal Hospital that my kidneys are not working properly & Dialysis is required. They even suggested going for Kidney Transplant. I was bed ridden & my Creatinine reported as 11. While searching through internet for some alternative treatment I came across Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Panchakarma & Research Centre. Before I could begin with Dr. Aggarwal’s treatment I had to go for 4-5 Dialysis as advised by Dr. Aggarwal. After I started his treatment and followed proper diet and lifestyle management programme, till date I have not got Dialysis done. It’s been 4 months and I am better than before.


Diabetic Nephropathy & Retinopathy cured


My father is diabetic & hypertensive patient from last 30 years. His diabetic levels have risen so high that he has to go for a leg amputation three years ago. Now, even his eyes were affected & vision reduced a lot in Dec 2013. I got reference about Dr. Aggarwal from a Patient who was treated for the same problem. Slowly & slowly my father’s kidneys got affected and we had to go for Dialysis. We started Dr. Aggarwal’s medicine in month of January & within three months Dialysis stopped & eye vision improved. Doctors here in Bangalore were surprised to see the effects of the Ayurvedic medicine. They had already told us to go for Transplant which we were reluctant to go for. My father’s life is 100 % better & his eye vision has restored to 100%.


Non-specific CKD with TB cured


I am just 22 years of age, was diagnosed as kidney failure about one and a half year ago. My treatment was going at Kidney Hospital Jalandhar, but my condition did not improved at all after the treatment, rather I was diagnosed as Tuberculosis after the treatment. I was on Dialysis as recommended by doctors One and half years ago, my weight come to as low as 33 kgs. I was in dark as everybody else recommended to go for transplant which we can’t even afford. I thought of losing my life then I met Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal at Chandigarh who advised me Ayurvedic Treatment six months before. Before I was on dialysis twice a week & slowly and slowly it reduced to twice a month. Nowadays, I am not on Dialysis. My Creatinine is stable at 2.2mg/dl.


Nephropathy Cured

Rakesh Bali
(35 yrs.)

My urea & creatinine was quiet high and I was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy. I was taking treatment from PGI. Initially there was some improvement in my condition but then it showed no major results. My condition was degrading day by day and doctors tried their best but could not assure of me getting cured. One of my friend gave reference of Dr. Aggarwal and I visited him. After 4 months of treatment and following proper diet programme I am recovering now. I have joined my office again and living a healthy life.


Kidney Failure due to cancer


I was suffering from cancer. I was taking chemotherapy and some homeopathic treatment for the same. Later it was detected that my kidneys are getting affected. Urea and Creatinine levels in blood were high, proteins were also detected in urine. I read about Dr. Aggarwal on internet and contacted him. After online consultation I was quiet convinced with his treatment. I took proper medicine and diet and followed a strict lifestyle management programme as prescribed by the doctor. My creatinine was 5 mg/dl but after his treatment now it is less than 2 mg/dl. I am 62yrs age but now I feel like I am 32. Thanks to Dr. Aggarwal for curing me.


Diabetic Nephropathy (Dialysis stopped)

Mohan Lal

I am Mohan Ahuja from Jaipur. I was having diabetes & hypertension from last 12 years. In January 2014 I was diagnosed with CKD stage 3 with the progressive increase in Creatinine levels. Then I went to Baba Ramdev centre & many other private clinics in Jaipur. I had these medicines for 5-6 months, but of no use. My Creatinine increased to 10 mg/dl & was put on dialysis. I came into contact with Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal. I have taken his treatment for 3 months & my dialysis stopped. Now, my Creatinine is stable in between 3-4mg/dl. I am continuing treatment with Dr. Aggarwal & living a normal healthy life.


Kidney Failure


I am Ravneet from BELGIUM. I was diagnosed with Renal Failure by doctors there in Belgium. Fistula was introduced in my left hand. All my blood investigations showed Blood Urea 112 mg/dl & S. creatinine 8.9 mg/dl. I got to know about Dr. Aggarwal from my sister who puts up in Ludhiana. Now, I have been taking Dr. Aggarwal’s Medicine since 2 years. I am happy that I don’t have any kidney problem now. Doctors & nurses who treated me there in Belgium are actually amazed to see me healthy again. One of the nurses told that she has not seen a single kidney patient recovering without Dialysis like me in her 25 years of service in Hospital.